Black History Teacher Fired?

Talk about upset with this!  It is amazing just how little some of our youth know about their history.  Even as an adult who has become very aware of my surroundings, I am still using different sources to learn even more than what I was exposed to in school.  It was just a given to me that we would learn a little about “Black” history in school and not just in the month of February.  Since America was really built on the free labor of the Africans who were brought here and sold here, they have a lot to do with history as a whole.  Through the generations we continued to contribute to the growth of this country and I think everyone who lives in this country should know about it.

I read an article this morning sent to me by my girlfriend because she knows I love this stuff and she loves to share!  The article was referring to a few teachers who were fired and walked off campus at Howard University Middle School because they were teaching African American History.  To say I was startled is an understatement because the biggest and most important fact here is that this school is associated with an HBCU.  How on earth do you get walked off for teaching HISTORY?  The history of this nation?  How do you get fired for enlightening children on A)Where they came from and/or B) How where they live was established and built?  There is no answer for that so I won’t even accept one.

I remember hearing just a few months ago that there were kids in this country who had no idea who Martin Luther King Jr. was.  If they don’t know him they certainly don’t know those who were just as instrumental in Civil Rights as he.  That terrifies me because it means that this generation is so caught up in loving everyone regardless to what they look like that they don’t adopt the policy of knowing their heritage.  Don’t get me wrong or twist my words.  I think that kids are the living example of accepting people for who they are and it is a great thing.  But we must be clear that in this country we are Black and there will always be people who will not allow us to forget that.  We will always be from the lineage of slaves who originated in Africa.  Those things will never change.  This country was built on the division of human beings because of their color because that was the only way that white Christians could justify brutalizing, belittling and mistreating another race of human beings.  How dare anyone deny our children of that right to know this information.  How dare any person in this country deny them that right.

These teachers were only doing what was right and teaching a subject that is just as critical in my opinion as math, science, and language arts.  It’s a part of America and they did nothing wrong that would warrant them to be fired in front of their students and escorted out by police.  They always say hide things from Blacks in books and when they continue to stifle the transference of knowledge to our children, regardless of their color, they show us that they want to continue the fallacy that we didn’t contribute as much as we did at the high cost that we did.  I always ensure my son understands the issues we have faced and still face without imposing upon him the idea that division is right.  We look different but we all come from the same place through the same process and I hope that these teachers are able to overcome this situation and justice will be served on a silver platter to that principal.

Until Next Time Lovies!
Miss B!

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