Dictatorship On The Hill

We live in a world full of people who are driven by their prejudices.  They thrive off of them and allow themselves to be full of hate.  They discriminate based on half-truths and fallacies so that they can justify why they hate.  It’s sad because those things are then filtered down to those they touch on a day to day basis but even sadder, they raise their kids to believe the same things.  As the days continue to pass in this Trump Presidency, I am seeing people.  Not that I didn’t see them before but they feel entirely justified in pretending that Alt-Facts are real facts and there doesn’t appear to be any reasoning with most of them or talking them out of their foolishness.

I watch a lot of the appointments that are being made in Washington and it baffles me that they are more concerned about their power and representation then they are about the people who will be affected by these choices they are making.  Putting in people who clearly benefit from these positions business wise, people with no experience whatsoever to advance the departments they will head, people with documented biases and people who clearly don’t mind exposing their corrupt minds to the world during their hearings.  Republicans have since decided to overturn specific rules so they can have what they want without really taking seriously the things that the Democrats are concerned about.  You’ve had people all over the globe, not just America, that are protesting and voicing their concerns………………..and there aren’t many Republican in Washington who seem concerned about those things or how they can be a threat to our national security.

I’m not sure how we will ever get past the things that divide us as a nation but I will say that I have had to do a double take when listening to the people who say that unity and progress will come from a Donald Trump Presidency.  It is almost unreal that I sort of agree because I really am disgusted with every person who voted for him.  I’m disgusted with every person that wrote in a name that they knew wouldn’t win or didn’t vote at all because those things led to this very moment that we are in.  I’m even disgusted with the people who didn’t vote more because many of them thought we lived in a world where most people wouldn’t vote for an old, sexist, racist, bigot who is blinded by power and authority as if we live in a dictatorship.  I think this administration will lead us down a path that will not only isolate us from the world, but tear down alliances that we have taken many years to build and strengthen across the many continents.  When that amount of damage is done, it takes time to rebuild it.  But people are coming together and people are fighting back and people are becoming more consistent in how they bring that fight to Washington.

The mission for them in my opinion was to come behind the first Black President and tear down his legacy by undoing everything that he put in place even if it were for the benefit of the people.  There can be nothing left behind with his name on it so that they can try to discredit all he accomplished.  No forethought into how that affects their constituents………….the people who wanted them in there to do something for them.  The poor and disenfranchised.  The middle class blue collar who thought he’d bring back factory jobs in a world driven my technology and innovation.  Those will little support or educational resources in their communities.  Those who are looking for something that will directly make them feel that their politicians are working for them.  But I’m so sorry to let them know something very real and very true……………….this administration pandered to you but they don’t care about you and your wellbeing.  What happens to you is not of a concern for them.  Only how to line their pockets more by having insight and pull in top government positions.  That’s what you voted for and that is what you must deal with until this presidency has passed.

I also want to stop the illusion that a business man will be better suited to run a country than a politician.  You know why?  Because business is about economic gains only.  Most managers on top don’t even consider their employees.  The people working for them at the bottom who make little to nothing while they make a fortune.  They couldn’t even name you if they had to and would cut your wages to insure their bottom line isn’t effected.  That’s who businessmen are because that’s what business is about.  You don’t have to have any compassion for the little guy because he can be replaced by someone else eager to take his position.  That’s who they are…………….and as time goes on in this administration, those of you who believed his business savvy would help you will see just how true these words are.  You should know how each decision you make will affect the little guy because those are the people that most of these programs we pay great tax dollars towards helps.  And if we want to start lessening entitlement program need and funding, we’ve got to provide those resources to help them get there.  Period.

With that being said I ask………..Will division and separation ever dissipate from our society?  Will we ever truly come together and be one?  Will this administration continue to show the faces of those who live to separate themselves based on race and class to make others feel inferior?  Will the rest of us continue to flood the streets in protest and show up at the polls in record numbers during midterm elections?  Will Mr. Trump be impeached?  Will the world finally begin to see just what a great man we had in President Obama?  Only time will tell for many of these questions that I ask every day as I encounter people in the world who stand by the foolishness happening on Capitol Hill.  The questions that still come as I listen to the news day to day and watch things continue to unfold.  Questions that remain unanswered for those of us who aren’t considered at all and have to explain to our children why this is our new world………………..or maybe not new……………………maybe just exposed. 

My only words of wisdom for those who are as baffled and afraid as me of why we’d put money into a wall and not in to education, infrastructure, healthcare, programs that benefit the community and help provide resources for those who don’t have them is to stay the course.  Get involved in your communities, vote, promote love and inclusion and never give up on the things that will benefit our children because they are truly the ones that will be affected by the changes that are being made (and all things being undone).  Hold your elected officials accountable for their actions and choices and stop putting the same people in office.  These people do what they do because they are allowed to do it.  Cut them off!

Until Next Time Lovies!

Miss B

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