Disrespect Of The First Family

It isn’t hard to feel some type of way about the disrespect that happens when it comes to our First Family.  Especially if you are a decent human being who understands that what they are subjected to isn’t right.  The things that have been said about them over time have been so horrific and they have been a true indication of how a lot of white people in this country truly feel about Black people in general.  I always say that our President getting elected really did create a true divide in this country that even if it were there before, became more defined with his arrival.  People don’t feel they have to respect his authority, position or the millions of people who voted for him out of confidence that he would turn this country around……………….as he has done.

It really gets under my skin when Blacks cut him down though.  Mainly because white people don’t need help doing it.  They have it completely handled.  He goes from being un-American to a communist to a Muslim to a 4th grader and all of this while he is still trying to run the free world.  You’ve got Congress running crazy and spending tax dollars like they are water but they talk about him and how he wants to spend money.  Voting on things over 50 times, writing letters to other countries while we are in negotiations, allowing the government to shut down, taking money out of schools and social programs and suggesting that all we must do is ask our parents for help instead of relying on the government to help those who need it.  I know this list is longer but I don’t have all day to list their short comings.  The kicker is that there are less than 50% of whites and Blacks in this country who VOTE.  The only thing that will get these lunatics out of office.

Raven Symone gets on tv and says that some people look like animals in reference to a comment made about First Lady looking like a cast member on the Planet of the Apes.  She didn’t think this was racists even though for years they have considered Blacks animals and without a question this is a racist statement. Ms. Rosie Perez had to tell her, and not even as a Black woman but a Latino woman, that it was racist!   It baffles me that she is Black in this country and is so withdrawn from what actually matters.  That she is somehow so privileged that she was never called a nigger or mistreated because she is a Black woman.  It is baffling to know your history and yet be so ignorant.  Or is that just it……………..is she really ignorant?  Maybe.

Overall the First Family has stood above the ignorance that is thrown upon them remaining poised and graceful.  Much better than I think I could be.  I could never deal with that level of disrespect without reacting in some way…………………..but I heard someone say this morning that there is a fine line you must walk when you are the first Black person in a position to ensure that you aren’t the last.  How profound is that?  That you MUST be more than your adversaries so that they can never use anything in your behavior against you though theirs is vulgar and repulsive and disrespectful?  Only God sustains the First Family because what they do exceeds human strength and ability.  I will always respect and remember them for these things.


Until Next Time Lovies!
Miss B

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