Dr Cosby. Guilty Until Proven Innocent

My question for this case will always be………..Why did this come out now?  Because of the pipeline they want to run through his property?  Because of his NBC deal?  What was it? (I do believe in conspiracy theories in this country) I have tried to refrain from giving my opinion too much about the Bill Cosby situation because I haven’t particularly cared to follow it.  I’m not sure if I was really swaying one way or the other as far as his guilt when I first heard of it but as the women kept coming out I think I finally accepted  that he did something to someone……………I just don’t believe that everyone talking has been a victim.

The few times that I have been a part of a discussion pertaining to this situation or around one, most people feel the same way I do.  He was wrong all day for what he did and I would never justify his actions………….HOWEVER, what woman you know is going to meet some man in his hotel room at 2 in the morning for lessons or practice?!?!?!  There are just too many women out here doing foolish things to get ahead for me to believe that all these women thought they were doing something innocent.  And at this particular point in time when all this was supposed to be going on, I know the word was out about him!  I know people were talking in the industry about BILL COSBY!  Come on!

The chips will fall where they may with Mr. Cosby as time goes on.  He will have to pay one way or the other for what he has done.  But what I don’t agree with is his wife being dragged in to his shenanigans.  She’s being slandered in public for standing by her husband while these charges are pending.  But why?  It’s the same thing I said when I heard that foolishness this morning that they were saying about Donald Trump’s opinion on Hillary standing by President Clinton (because of course she will continue to have to defend her position through the Primaries).  If she is willing to forgive him and stand by him, why do we have so much to say?  We don’t have to be with him.  We are all human and flawed.  We make mistakes.  If we make a personal choice to forgive someone that’s our business.  What is the justification for?  Because we live in a world full of people who love to judge but don’t want to be judged.

Camille has now had her life changed because no matter what good has been done, how much money has been given, how many times that man gave back to his community on a level higher than many celebrities, his legacy has been completely and totally ruined.  He will always be known now as the man who drugged and raped women.  And it’s sad and unfortunate because it won’t matter what contribution to society he has made.  I don’t agree with that.  Every school that took his honorary degree, any show taken off the air, any deal that has gone unsigned,  or any accolade that was taken from him (his star from the walk of fame), they didn’t give back a single dime he donated. How about that!

The world has already decided he’s guilty and has already made him pay the price for it…………..which is odd because he hasn’t been tried or convicted and everything is hearsay at this point.  But it goes to show that we CAN and WILL convict someone based on words even though we have yet to convict a cop for killing innocent people when they are video taped (ANOTHER BLOG)!!  I hope no one feels I am blaming the victims here or taking away from the fact that penetrating a woman without her consent is wrong, but I do have my personal opinion about actions we take leading to certain consequences and also having to be responsible for that.  We can’t do something and not also hold ourselves accountable.  Until this case is wrapped up, I’ll be watching the news!!

Until Next Time Lovies!

Miss B

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