Equal Standing

There are good speakers, great speakers and dynamic speakers.  President Obama places himself at the top of my list for those who move me 100% every single time they open their mouths.  Maybe because he comes from a generation that had to deal with the circumstances of being Black in America or because his parents were immigrants or because even today as President of this country, he still deals with racial injustice.  It’s amazing that we can say that even now but we can.  I don’t want the world to feel sorry for us either.  I don’t even want us to feel sorry for ourselves.  I just want us to stand up and do something about it because we have the power to do. 

Marking the 50th anniversary of the March on Selma, Mr. President spoke about many of the activists and leaders who were instrumental in moving us forward in this country and how the work done allowed us certain freedoms.  He spoke on how we built this country and how we are a nation of immigrants.  When he started to speak on how shameful it is that we allow someone else to determine our fate by not voting, he struck a nerve with me.  Those who follow my blog know I’m passionate about voting.  I don’t play about my rights as an American citizen.  They can take a lot of things away from me and deny me a lot of things as a Black woman but that I won’t let happen to me.  I’ll vote in every single election unless I’m on my death bed and can’t.  That’s how seriously I take it.  He moved me to tears honestly.  Those people, black, white, young, old, rich, poor………….they marched across that bridge.  Blood poured across that bridge because we wanted equality.  Who knew you had to be battered, have your dignity stripped and sometimes die just for something that so many people blow off?

 I know some people hate to hear the old adage that people died for our right to vote, but if we didn’t point it out and make it known, our truth and history is lost.  It’s our truth.  Our truth as African natives in this country that didn’t want us to do anything for it but build it up for its own wealth and development is that we shouldn’t get any other right but the right to work for them for little to nothing and never be equal.  I love anyone who can see beyond economic status, ethnicity, sexual preference, gender, and religious background.  The hard truth is that there are so many people in this country who don’t and those are the types of individuals I don’t want representing me on a legislative level.  I think people should take this more seriously instead of always trying to brush under the rug the things that plague us as a country.  If we were so progressive, we wouldn’t still be fighting to stop the Voting Rights Act from being dismantled in 2015.  Where is the equality in that?

I do want to point out since I did speak a bit on voting that we should never use the excuse that we don’t know who is running.  PAY ATTENTION!  Read!!  The internet is full of information and your local and state level legislative candidates are always holding meetings that are open to the public.  Be Engaged!  Anyway……..I’ve shared the link to the speech in its entirety because most news stations like to make President Obama out to be a man who is a Muslim socialist who has no regard for America and wants it to be communist………………uhmmmmmmmmmm OKAY! Smh


Until Next Time Lovies!

Miss B

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