Get Off Your Behind And Vote!!

I remember when Ms. Stacey Dash got her behind on National television and proceeded to tell America that the African Americans in Louisiana are uneducated and dependent on the system because Democrats have a plantation mentality. Whooooo Lawd I had to catch my breath while Mr. Joe was playing it on repeat that morning on Urban View. (Pay for SiriusXM y'all) I got in my feelings because she is generalizing a group of people as they always do when they are on tv talking about blacks. This also led to talks of the Affordable Health Care Act in which millions of Americans take full advantage of because it allows them the option of getting healthcare at a reasonable cost for themselves and their families while ensuring that if they are really sick, they still have coverage. I know there is some fluff in the bill and things that affect me personally as a homeowner, but every bill can be amended to deal with those things while maintaining the integrity of what benefits people the most. I would love to see them pull stats on who using OBAMACARE!!! I can bet money that it isn't majority poor blacks. I also made the point earlier that I have coworkers who took advantage of the marketplace because it was a better cost point than the packages provided by our companies. There isn't one single uneducated person working in or around my building so how do you explain that Ms. Dash? Are they slaves too? (She's a freakin idiot being used as a Pawn in the game)

So my question is what do people want from us in this country? I was having a conversation today with a friend about how hard people work to discredit the President of the United States and those who work with him. I will say that there are things I don’t agree with him on though very few things and this is not because he’s black. I hate to hear people say that. I’m smart enough to make an intelligent decision about who I feel is best to represent my interests and let’s face it, he’s done a heck of a job with the amount of opposition he has faced. Now imagine what things would be like if he had support? How do we really judge this man on his work when much of it that would benefit those who really need help, (education, equal pay, minimum wage increase, etc.) are shot down so that the Republicans can stand together and show their constituents that no matter how great something may be for the United States, they won’t allow it to pass? Are they that hell bent on making him look bad that they would neglect the citizens who pay their salaries?

States like North Carolina, Louisiana, Texas, Georgia and other states have and still are fighting very important races right now for Senate representation go through a lot of things for their citizens to vote. Rezoning, fighting to have the right to vote early, and having voter registration paperwork ignored for months so that it is not filed in time for them to vote in the primary or main elections. Yet we have so many blacks running around telling other people that their vote doesn’t count. Are you kidding me!?!?! Do you think they’d work so hard to suppress your vote if it didn’t matter?!?!? Do you think they’d be trying to silence you if your vote was that insignificant? Do you think that not voting is going to be of any benefit to you? Has it ever worked? Have you seen any changes in your standard of living due to your lack of voting? Have you read and seen the videos of those who came before you fighting, being jailed, beaten and dying for your right to take your black behind to the polls to vote without fear of being lynched, sprayed or having dogs released on you!?!?! If you don’t have positive answers to those questions I have no words for you.

The government wants to silence you because they don’t want you to be aware. If you are silent, you can’t take charge of your own life and make yourself conscience of what is happening around you. You can march, rally and protest until your little heart is content. But let me tell you something that you might not know, without the proper legislation to back up what you stand on picket lines for in place, it doesn’t matter. It needs to be legal and documented. Even if preliminary things are done, you keep voting, you keep supplementing your action with more action by getting out there and letting them know that you are aware of who is running for office and whoever is the best person to represent what you need in your community and in your life is who you will be voting for. Stop giving away your voice. This is your chance to be heard. Even our younger generations understand that. There are too many black communities in this country that have low numbers regarding those who vote and those who are registered. Even if it’s too late in your state to register to vote for this election, share what you know with others so they don’t continue to miss opportunities. I’ve been voting since I was 18 years old and my parents, who are in their 50s, never voted until President Obama was on the ballot. But guess what, I was proud that they got up and did something about how they felt. He inspired a lot of people to exercise their right and I ask everyone to do the same.

Until Next Time Lovies!
Miss B

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