Land Of The Free

The side by side comparison of Donald Trump and President Barack Obama is a clear indication of how excellent we must be in order to even compete in America as Blacks.  Not only is it that, but it’s a clear indication of just how unaccepted we are as people of color.  A Harvard education is nothing in comparison to being a white man.  An incompetent, insensitive, sexist, racist, narcissistic child with no compassion or education comparable to that of the man who came before him.  This country is full of people who will accept anything just to have a white man in charge.  AMAZING.

It’s not unfair to say that we haven’t come very far in this nation.  Not nearly as far as we had assumed we had.  His election showed us that HOPE for unity is only that……….HOPE.  We really are the America of a Donald Trump.  A true symbol of a white supremist running the free world. His whole idea of leadership is dictatorship through Twitter.  Throwing tantrums when people don’t agree or align with him.  Losing control during television conferences when someone asks him a question that makes him uncomfortable.  Going rouge when challenged by actual laws and regulations. I’m not sure exactly what the people on his team expected.  What exactly did they think was going to happen when he arrived in Washington?  Did they think he would magically turn into a Politician with America’s best interest in mind?

I haven’t quite figured out what to make of the people who support him other than the fact that they are uneducated, unexposed, closed minded racists. These people see something completely different than what rational people see.  They take his blatant disregard for America and hunger for self-achievement and turn it in to the idea that he is doing all of this to make America Great Again.  It’s laughable.  They use his message as motivation and ammunition to reignite the fire under their radical ideas, mobilize their hate groups and disrespect every day citizens for being something other than white, straight and Christian……………in the name of Donald Trump.  This right here is why America can never be great.  This ideology of white superiority in a country that was built on the backs of slaves will always be why we fail.  It’s a taught book of lies written, published and filtered down to the minds of the young in our schools…… our children……… their children.  As if they are afraid of the unity and inclusiveness that the truth will perpetuate.  UNBELIEVEABLE.

I’ve been working hard to stay away from politics these days.  It’s all foolishness to me.  Keeps my blood pressure high.  Ignites a fire under me that won’t allow me to be a productive member of society on a day to day.  On one end, it’s filled with distractions that take away from the greater issues like the fact that the president of these here United States is in bed with Russia, inciting war with Korea, taking more vacations on our tax dollars than any other president while they have no lights in Puerto Rico, taking away the benefits of poor children, working to cut healthcare in an already broken system, attempting tax reform so the rich stay rich……….and we still haven’t seen his damn tax returns.  They prove that they would rather run with a lie than to promote truth and facts.  Something I always thought journalists prided themselves on.  If they aren’t on the front line mitigating the tragic lies that show up in our newspapers and newsfeeds, what are they there for?  I can make up my own news then. 

I’m very proud of all who stand against the hypocrisy and lies of the people running this nation.  I’m very proud of the athletes and public figures who are not hiding behind the fear of losing everything in order to voice their opinions and stand for something.  Using their platforms to show the world that they too aren’t far removed from what is going on and that they can be subjected to discrimination and racism just like those of us who don’t have a national stage that we perform on.  At the end of the day we are all one.  The struggle belongs to us all.  That’s why I’m so glad to see people like Colin and LeBron, Steph and Eminem stand up for what they believe in.  A man took a knee for police brutality and yet the media is spinning this whole thing as disrespect to a flag that was never designed to cover US as people of color.  We were only here to help build their dream.  And now that we want to live our own, have equal rights and protections, we are supposed to now respect this said flag?  Why? 

I’m a prior service member and today still serve my country in one form or the other.  I have always been proud to do so.  But I’m not a fool.  I know exactly how people look at me from day to day and just because I have a sense of patriotism does not mean that I respect this flag.  I do not.  I do not respect a flag flown over a nation that continues to oppress us because we are darker in skin and our origin is different from those who feel superior to us.  I do not respect a flag flown over a nation that can kill my people in the street and refuse to hold others accountable due to made up stereotypes and perceived fear that has been created when pertaining to Blacks in this country.  I do not respect a flag flown over a nation that incarcerates my people at a rate much higher than any other nation in the world.  I do not respect a flag flown over a nation that filters guns and drugs into our communities to cultivate violence and criminality with no resources to get out of the mess that was made.  I do not respect a flag flown over a nation where education is not equal in our communities so that our children have as fair of a chance at life as their counterparts.  I do not under any circumstances respect a flag flown over a nation that cannot respect our first amendment right to silently protest without threatening to stifle that right through denigration of character, loss of job and threats of retribution.  Why is it okay for the KKK to show up at a rally with weapons and torches but a knee Kaepernick is not allowed to take……………..silently……………because of police brutality? I will not ever get it.  Not ever.

I have never protested during the national anthem because most of the times that I was ever in a room where I had to stand, I was in uniform.  Though many years ago, I stood because that’s what we did.  I wasn’t really as awake as I am now.  I didn’t educate myself to the extent in which I do now.  However, even if I would have been as knowledgeable as I am now, I’m not really sure how I would have handled it as a young adult in the military.  It really is personal choice.  But today, this person that I am today……… honor of all lives lost due to hate and racism, I would not stand.  My love for the fact that I was born in the free world does not take away from my disappointment in the way people of color are treated.  I’ve faced it in every capacity of my life and fear the same for my children.  That’s just me being real.  So to educate those who don’t research, I’m just going to leave the third stanza of the national anthem here for you:

“And where is that band who so vauntingly swore,
That the havoc of war and the battle’s confusion
A home and a Country should leave us no more?
Their blood has wash’d out their foul footstep’s pollution.
No refuge could save the hireling and slave
From the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave,
And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave
O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.”

So I’ll close with this…………..we are a nation in peril with many decision to make. And when standing up to defend this constitution and all it is intended to govern, what is it that you want to be defending?  If you don’t see many representations of what that is, what is it that you plan to do in order to help us get there as a nation?  I’ll wait…………

Until Next Time Lovies

Myss B