My Feelings On The Freddie Gray Trial

Charges against William Porter: Involuntary manslaughter, second-degree assault, reckless endangerment and misconduct in office...

I honestly didn’t think that a few lines on social media would express my disappointment with the verdict in Baltimore.  It is almost baffling to me that we can have cameras, witnesses, irrefutable evidence that someone was wronged and yet, people will side with the wrong.  So Baltimore set it off again.  Rightfully so.

The young man was slammed on his head and I know we all saw it because if y’all saw the same video I did, there was some stuff going on that wasn’t quite right.  It almost looked to me like he was incapable of walking when they took him to the vehicle.  At what point is it okay, just because you are arresting someone, to slam them around as if their health and welfare can be neglected due to their criminal (or non-criminal) activity?  I think it’s a fair question that many young black men in 2015 can’t answer because they are dead.

Out of all these charges, they came up with nothing.  Dead Locked.  Hung.  Seriously?  If this was a member of your family (though jurors are supposed to be completely objective) would you look at that tape and feel the same? And maybe that’s not fair because it becomes a bit more emotional at that point.  But even as a woman who didn’t know the young man, I still saw the wrong.  Why does it take five or six people to bring down one person?  Why are you on his back or neck or slamming him on his head to subdue him?  Are they teaching this in the academy?  If so, Lord knows it’s time to re-evaluate what the heck is going up in training facilities across the country.

Though I support the out pour of support and the cry for justice in Baltimore and other cities that we are seeing the same types of travesties, I don’t want our message to get lost in violence and loitering and others being jailed, injured or killed.  It doesn’t get us anywhere.  I have always felt that we needed to find more diplomatic ways to have our message heard.  Not the Malcolm way but the Martin way.  (Even though a good combination makes us feel better!)  I’m not so sure how I feel right now.  I have a young son who is subject to all we see.  Sometimes you don’t know what advice to give.  But just be persistent.  Be present.  Be in the moment.  Get into the system to change the system.  That’s the best I’ve got to give right now!


Until Next Time Lovies!

Miss B

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