Politics: Only In America

Politics: Only In America

I often hate to discuss the political climate of America because it pisses me off.  Every single bit of it.  Even the eight years before the last 100 + days because they gave President Obama hell for being Black.  Nothing was ever good enough or done well enough or sharp enough and no matter how great it was, they found ways to discredit him as an individual by questioning his academic accomplishments, nationality, citizenship and competency as a whole.  Anyway……………..here I go!

Of course all my followers know how much I love talk radio!  To say I Adore it is an understatement.  I love to listen to what’s going on in the world and I love to hear how random people feel about it.    This morning I was listen to Mr. Madison on XM and he was having a panel discussion with a few people he invited on the show.  They were discussing the many FAILS of the current administration.  It strikes so many nerves because it’s sad that in 2017 these people are still living in the Stone Age.  Power and greed are driving them.  Not the people who voted for them and what they need.  They are trying to completely destroy the legacy of President Obama at the expense of the American people.  Why does this make sense to them at all is beyond me.

So this is what Trump has done so far (and this isn’t all of it so do your research if you want to know!):

He has all but decided climate control is unimportant…………kids don’t need lunch in schools or afterschool programs……………..women don’t need the Planned Parenthood Program………….hell with everyone who has healthcare……………..just to hell with everything pertaining to anyone who isn’t a millionaire or white.  We are all of a sudden supposed to pay for a wall that won’t stop anything, a trillion dollar infrastructure deal with no means of paying for it due to the rich receiving additional tax cuts, Muslims should be banned, he should consistently make money off of the Presidency, his children should have access to everything the government is doing while they are running his business, and he doesn’t have to divest himself from any of it because he said so.  Not to mention he wants to change tax laws that no one in America will know how he benefits from because he REFUSES to show his tax statements and public education is in danger of becoming for profit and the gap between underprivileged neighborhood schools and others is in danger of continuing to widen.  Hmmmmmm Now let me know exactly how this would have fared with President Obama?  IMPEACHMENT likely!

Congress continues to sit in Washington dealing in this foolishness because their President is a white Republican.  The level of intelligence this man has is all summed up in the amount of intelligence I have in my pinky finger.  (You can tell this when he speaks because his vocabulary is limited and he often doesn’t know what he’s talking about)  All I can see in this whole mess is that as long as they are in control it doesn’t matter exactly how much of a mess he makes.  It doesn’t matter how many ignorant tweet, press conferences or mix ups with foreign dictators he has…………..they will do whatever it takes to ensure they make the rules, change the guidelines put in place in the constitution to govern and continue to work towards erasing the legacy of the first Black President because they didn’t like his skin…………….that’s the country we will in today.

I don’t want to hear anyone tell me that this isn’t about race.  It’s been about race since the beginning of time.  It’s a demonstration that whites believe they are superior and Blacks are nowhere close to their level.  When you complain that President Obama charged 400K to speak but you don’t complain about the millions the current president is making while sitting in the highest position in the country makes it even more true.  What rules apply to one don’t apply to the other.  And yes, it isn’t just about race………it is also about class.  The haves and the have nots.  It’s sad because those who govern still don’t see we are only as strong as our weakest links and for as long as the poor get poorer, we all suffer.  Every single one of us.  Instead of looking for us all to win they continue to separate us so that those separations line their pockets and continue to provide means that they will always be able to pass down through the generations in their family. 

We have places in this country that don’t have clean water!  Come on Flint!  We have places in this country where kids don’t have up to date books or computers in their schools.  We have places where people are living as though they live in a third world country.  In the richest land in the world?  But why?  Who is going to stand up for the people and really mean it without worrying about special interests?  At this point we are all standing by watching this plane crash.  In slow motion.  Because it will crash.  And I’m interested in seeing who will survive the fall out.  Without a doubt we need to not only show up at every single town hall meeting and rally held anywhere close by where we live, but we need to show out at these polls during every single election.  Trump claimed he was going to drain the swamp but since he has failed to do anything of the sort, we need to show him and everyone who supports him just how it’s done!

Until Next Time Lovies!

Miss B

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