Rocking Your 2016 Vote!

This election stuff is killing me.  I’ve been taking my time with it and filtering the amount of foolishness I take in at any given time, but lately, it’s just been hard to avoid.  I want to be as informed as anyone else who pays too much in taxes, has a decent enough idea of how politics plays a role in how they live day to day in their communities and just downright hates the corruption that we see in those we entrust our governing to.  But in 2016………………there are just some things going on around me that don’t make a whole lot of sense at all and probably shouldn’t be happening if we were as progressive as we thought we were.

The first presidential debate came on last week.  For those who don’t follow the foolishness of politics, it took place between Mrs. Clinton and The Orange Cheeto.  Okay wait, I’m sorry………………Donald Trump.  I’ll confess and say I twitter watched it because I couldn’t stomach two hours of him.  But the commentary was hilarious and his behavior even more so.  He did everything I thought he would do.  He performed, did his side show and was disrespectful in all the ways he could be………………….presenting absolutely no plan.  Because that’s pretty much how he is.  He hasn’t had a plan since he started all this.  Probably because he had no intentions of becoming president.  Sadly, his followers are carrying the torch for him as if he has a detailed and comprehensive way of moving this country forward besides insinuating how BIG and HUGE his plans are.  That’s about the gist of how he sums things up.

What baffles me about this situation is how someone like him could actually get far enough and get enough support to be a representative for an entire MAJOR political party.  Someone that could possibly lead the Free World.  Full of people who are as diverse as they come.  People from all over the world, all nationalities and races.  People with all types of religious and cultural beliefs.  How can someone like him be a representative for that?  If this was President Obama, this wouldn’t be a discussion because he would never have made the cut.  He would be home watching the debate just like the rest of those who wanted to be entertained or disgusted.  Whichever one you decided to tune in to be.  Even today, though he isn’t running, Donald Trump is still running against him.  Truth is, it’s because he’s the best President I’ve seen or heard about since I’ve started to follow politics.  Someone completely for EVERYONE and doing what he could against all odds to make things better for those who have less.  To me that’s what it should be about.  If you are only as strong as your weakest link, you’ve got to bring those less fortunate to a place where they can live a little better and have the means to pour in to the economy……………not have to be dependent on entitlement programs because it is easier than trying to make livable and sustainable wages. (I can’t be the only educated person in America who feels or thinks this way!)

So the questions remain…………Who is he appealing to?  Who supports a man who can’t even stand on his own words?  The words he said five minutes ago but then says he didn’t say though they were recorded on national tv in front of millions of people who just tweeted them out three minutes prior to him denying he said them.  Who can support a man who has had three wives and children all over the place but criticize a woman for staying in her marriage and fighting for it even though her husband was unfaithful to her?  Who can support a man who rightfully admitted to screwing the government by not paying taxes while most of the people he is out there pandering to rely on tax dollars to live day to day?  Not only bragging about it but calling himself a genius for not paying.  Admitting to not supporting the things that Federal Taxes pay for like those entitlement programs for those poor white people who love him, those Veterans and military he swears is the best in the world.  Who can support a man who lost almost a billion dollars that has allowed him to defraud the government through tax loop holes for probably the rest of his life and the lives of his children when they run his businesses?  Who is supporting a man who can’t rightfully pay his workers when they provide him with a service?  Who can support a man who is crooked in business and who ships portions of his functioning business to other countries so he can save money………………….instead of employing the people here who are out of work?  Who is supporting a sexist, racist, separatist man who has no idea what it is like to be out here working in his government for those less fortunate than himself?  I need answers people because I’m clueless as to why this man has so much support.

The reality of the situation is people will deny facts.  There will always be a person like Giuliani who is entirely for police brutality against Black America because he feels we are more violent and there has been no fault to the police at all for their use of excessive force tactics, that will support the antics and shenanigans that someone like a Trump brings to the table.  There is nothing we can do about that.  What I hope is that we have more people in the world that are reasonable and realistic when it comes to their vote in November.  We can’t have someone without a clue about America other than what they can gain from it running this country.  We cannot have someone who can clearly be ignorant on issues without a care in the world about them because they don’t affect his business.  What about Education?  What about Healthcare?  What about Infrastructure?  What about Social Security?  What about Jobs and Economic Growth?  Help me understand America!!  I’d like to hear from the very educated individuals on this one because there are plenty of those who are voting for him.  Give me the logic supported by the facts. 

Either way, don’t just complain about what is happening………….VOTE!  Be engaged in what is happening in your community.  Know your local voting laws because many are changing.  Attend local meetings so that you know what is happening in your county and state.  Know who your political representatives are because if you don’t and you are withdrawn from what is happening around you, things will keep happening and you will always have poor representation.  This leaves no room for you to complain about what is happening around you and that is unfortunate if you pay any type of taxes.

Until Next Time Lovies!

Miss B

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