Soap Box Chronicles: Stand For Something

I have not addressed racial issues for several months on the blog because it was starting to become so repetitive and mundane to me if that makes sense.  Saying the same things over and over again.  Yelling the same slogans and asking the same questions.  Questioning people who aren’t Black about their intentions and thought processes when it comes to racism and racial injustices in this country.  Of course to no avail………..answers that made sense weren’t received.  So I did what everyone else does after they’ve yelled for a couple of weeks.  I stopped. 

That’s not the right stance to take but you begin to become bitter and angry when dealing with these things.  If you are like me with children, you are terrified of what the outcome will be when they go out with their friends and are just being kids………….enjoying life…………having fun.  Will they be beaten, harassed, killed?  For being black in the wrong place under the wrong policing?  I watched a video just this morning where two young teenager girl, Black of course, were arrested in a fast food restaurant (  The two Hispanic police officers were very aggressive.  The female even took the food out of the girl’s hand and threw it across the room.  That’s when I became angrier because I couldn’t understand why the gesture was necessary.  She was combative and appeared to want to provoke the young lady to be the same.

Driving in this morning I heard another story about a Black man who was killed in his backyard while holding a Swiss army knife (  In his own backyard people.  He was not wielding this knife at anyone and he didn’t have any hostages.  So what I need to know is how in his own back yard did he end up dead?  Was he that much of a threat that that is the only way they could subdue him or was his skin color a bigger factor in the decision to pull the trigger?  Though whites somehow are always able to be subdued………….and fed when asked for food if I’m not mistaken.  Today Rev. Sharpton was talking to a white caller on his show and even when presented with real hard core facts, he refused to settle with the fact that statistically, Blacks are killed more than any other race and are somehow not the greater number of individuals committing crimes.  I guess they are going in to other neighborhoods without fear regardless to the crimes being committed.

So police want respect.  They want us to respect the authority they have to protect and serve.  But they don’t have to have any respect for us.  They provoke us and treat us the way they feel in the moment and if we attempt to fight back or resist, we become a target.  If we are killed, there is justification, police records (if they exist), questionable pictures and accusation thrown to validate the abuse or murder and they continue to move about policing the streets without repercussion.  I have yet to see an epidemic that required a “White Lives Matter” slogan because Black officers aren’t running around killing people who don’t look like them.

So then they are angry about our movement.  They are upset that we yell in the streets, post online, publish articles, and speak on television about how BLACK LIVES MATTER.  But do they ever stop to think about why the movement exists and why it has become so appropriate?  Why it has become so necessary to tell the world that we too matter?  That we shouldn’t be slaughtered because we “appeared” to be a threat?  That our lives should mean more than that of an animal in a zoo………..or an animal outside of a zoo?  At what point will they see that they have put the legs to this movement and they have made this stance we have taken necessary because they have forgotten that no matter what hue of brown we possess, we deserve the same respect that they get from the world and law enforcement? 

We become racists because we wear activism tshirts and represent our cause.  Because we allow and support the traction that Black Lives Matter has taken.  We allow it to mean something to us and we are teaching it to our children.  How are we racists for standing for something that means so much to us and representing our own?  Why aren’t we just supporters of a movement that uplifts Black people and promotes racial and judicial equality?  Are they always going to be so oblivious to the facts that they won’t allow the truth to seep through into the very minuscule section of their brains that apply reason and compassion to a very blatantly unjust situation?  What are they going to do in this world to provoke change so that young Black Americans do not have to march in the streets to be seen as human beings?

I look at the campaign that Trump is running.  This campaign is run on lies, bigotry, racism, hate…………..the list goes on and on.  He never has to be honest or compassionate towards others.  He can give information that the world knows isn’t true and then come back and say he isn’t apologetic for lying about it.  He can degrade immigrants and women without a single bit of backlash because there are still women, Hispanics, Asians and Blacks that are standing in front of a microphone or camera claiming that a racist, crooked business man would be what was best for this country instead of a woman with a proven track record of helping people……………………..even though she is flawed.  No one is perfect and we will never be able to please everyone, but to live in a world where someone like him can hold a candle and compete with a person with a 30 year public service record………….without showing his tax returns or showing even one successful business that he hasn’t run into the ground……………… shows just how much trouble we are in as a country and just how many people would rather see a white man in the white house than someone honest and willing to work for ALL AMERICANS!  HELLO BARRACK OBAMA!

I’m going to get off of my soap box about this because I know it only ignites the fire.  We get upset and angry about the things we are being proven wrong in changing no matter how hard we fight.  It’s saddening.  But what I can say is that I’m proud of our millennials because they won’t give up and they shouldn’t.  They will keep fighting because it’s their right to do so.  Every person that stands for something they truly believe in is another person that puts us closer to where we need to be.  I want to end by saying………………in a world where we aren’t free, equal or considered, we shouldn’t stand for anything oppressive or written without Black people in mind…………..including the National Anthem.  Thank you Kaepernick for the movement you have started and for all those that come behind you.  As a veteran I understand that flag and have been very proud of it in my day, but that flag wasn’t designed to represent me and I am certainly not as free as a white person………………so I won’t be standing any more either!

Until Next Time Lovies!

Miss B

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