Soap-Box Chronicles: Why The Black Face For Nina Simone?

On My Soap-box Today!
Let me first start by saying that I have had this very conversation with some of my fellow bloggers in our group on Facebook and I had this conversation prior to seeing the actual trailer for the Nina Simone Biopic that Zoe Saldana is playing in.  Right off the bat I was in my feelings because she is in “black face”.  This always ignites my fire when they find someone to paint because there are a ton of talented people out here that can play these roles without the makeup.  After seeing just a snippet of the trailer, I was really done with whomever casted this young lady in this role.

You mean to tell me that there aren’t enough beautiful black actresses out here to play this role without finding someone to make up?  How fair is it for you to look at these women who fit this role and say, you aren’t good enough so let me go and make this young lady look how you already look because we have more faith in her than you?  To me that’s what is being said.  I haven’t actually watched what the other Hollywood actresses’ reactions were but I will tell you I’d be livid because to me it’s another slap in the face that they aren’t good enough to be casted in an industry already short changing them in the first place.

Who is Nina Simone??

Eunice Kathleen Waymon………..a Teacher, Singer, Performer, Activist.  An extremely dynamic black woman that we all should be extremely proud of.  Read her story and learn about her.

So Let’s Be Clear
I’m taking nothing away from Zoe.  I’m a fan of hers.  None of this is her fault and I'm sure she didn't expect it to be this much of a story line.  She is perfectly capable of pretending to be a African American woman (because she has a few times before and is a woman of color in this country)………….proud to check the box on her form that she is Brown In America………..but why should she have to?  To me this is an example of black actresses being underestimated, under appreciated, under valued and marginalized.  With all the back lash that has come from this choice, I hope that moving forward they will begin reaching into the pool of talented women out here who are phenomenal women with phenomenal talent that often times goes unnoticed.

At the risk of making this seem like a race thing and turning this into a color situation but we obviously live in a world where we will always be reminded that we are infused with melanin…………Hollywood is often undergoing scrutiny regarding the limited amount of opportunities, face time and recognition of people of color.  What I hate to see are movies that are made specifically about African Americans and they are not the ones actually casted in those roles.  They aren’t painting people of color for white roles so I wish they would stop doing this…………When these opportunities present themselves, there is no reason on earth why something like this happens.  I think it is safe and fair to say that any person truly looking at this situation from the outside in should feel slighted for every woman of color who gets up in the morning working in that competitive environment…………now having to also feel the sting of being overlooked for roles they clearly belong in.
Check out the trailer here:

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