To Motivate And Promote Pride. Is That A Crime?

Coolest Guy We Know, President of The United States, Guy We Will Miss Terribly…………..he's been giving commencement speeches at a few schools over the last few weeks but the one I adored the most was the one he gave at Howard University.  One thing I will say is that though I haven’t heard it all, the sound bites I did hear gave me great pleasure because it enraged many white people as usual!  He was completely authentic and real with a bunch of young Black Americans who are going out into the world and representing not just themselves and their families, but educated Black people as a whole.  There will be a journey for each of them regardless to how easy or hard that journey will be so he made sure that they were clear to remember something very significant.........that they should celebrate their blackness.  Period.

Of course the media ran a muck regarding his speech because of they seem to believe he should never tell people to take pride in themselves.  Especially not the people relating to the black side of himself.  Immediately I was pissed because my question is why?  Why can’t he tell people to celebrate themselves in a world where they are overlooked, undervalued, underestimated, oppressed, discriminated against, taken advantage of, misunderstood, judged, misrepresented, shot down like animals in the street………….I could go on and on but I’m sure you get the point.  The media tends to forget just how unsatisfactory the treatment of Blacks has been in this country since we've inhabited it and though things have gotten a lot better, they aren't where they should be.  We need to keep pushing positivity! ............So what is the real problem?  Is it really that other cultures don’t want us to be proud of who we are and oppose us celebrating what we've accomplished?  That has to be what it is because how dare the first Black President of the United States tell Black people to love themselves in a world full of people who try to pull them down, using himself and his Presidency as prime example.  The nerve!

I’m gonna wager that the President has been Black his whole life.  Despite a white mother, in the eyes of the world, he’s pretty much been Black.  I'm completely guessing here!  I’m going to assume the media doesn’t forget his ethnic background when it’s convenient to disrespect him.  For almost eight years he has opted to take a back seat to his color because he was toeing a line very fine to make sure he stayed neutral and unbiased when dealing with world issues (racial issues).  That has made him unfavorable to a lot of Blacks because they really wanted him in to grow out his afro, wear a black leather jacket and throw up his fist with pride during every speech he gave.  On the other side, no matter how politically correct he was, he was still given a hard time by those who never looked beyond the color of his very mixed skin.  How absurd and unfair to him on every level.  But in original POTUS fashion, he handled it with Swag and Grace!

The bias of the media later showed itself again when they were enraged about the cadets who took pictures with their fists up.  Come on people!  At what point do you not see your own ridiculous discriminatory perception being realized in front of you?  At what point does it no longer make sense to bash a group of people who are throwing up a symbol of pride for who they are, how they feel and what they accomplished?  We are still making history as Black Americans in this country so we have a right to!  Where are the articles bashing the KKK for having white pride?  How long do articles stay in the paper showing the pride that others have in themselves and put on full display for the world?  How often do you ridicule Asians, Muslims, Jews, Mexicans, Europeans, and others for maintaining and promoting pride in their own communities?  I'm going to say two or three days at the max these stories stay in prime time if at all. 

Until the media lets go of separatist views, this is where we will stand.  There is no reason that everyone didn’t celebrate that speech instead of wondering how Mitt Romney would have spoken if he gave a speech at a white university as President of the United States.  Who cares what he would have said?  He isn’t president, nor did he experience the same discrimination and disrespect that our current president has experienced.  It matters that I’m Black and Proud but it isn't the entire foundation upon which my support for that speech is built.  We have a right to uplift one another from WITHIN our communities in a positive way.  NO matter what your ethnic background or origin is, there is nothing wrong with encouraging and supporting one another in the way that he did.  To push in the media that he was wrong or anything other than supportive of those Black graduates so they'd feel empowered is a tragedy on every level and shows just how much white conservatives prefer we move in stealth mode when it concerns ourselves, kill each other at alarming rates, and tear each other down.  They seemingly would rather report than than internal love and support.  Shameful.

Until Next Time Lovies!

Miss B


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