Trump: The Primaries

Last year some coworkers and I were sitting in the office talking.  We don’t do much work during the holidays in my office……………..So we talk a lot......... Anyway, we were sitting there having a very deep discussion that I was reminiscing about while looking at the primary information floating around.  I’m not one to really talk about religion or politics in the type of environment I work in because it is run by those who don’t look like me or think like me in a number of ways.  And not just that, I get really in my feelings terribly when we start talking about politics and religion (and I do this a lot with my friends.............we care because not only do we have a crazy level of tax responsibility but I have a child growing up in this world).  I also haven’t learned to tone down when I’m passionate about something!  Don’t judge me though. It's my truth.  

America is funny to me.  We are starting to become so tolerant of everything and therefore losing the sense of what this country was founded upon (and don’t misinterpret what I’m saying here because I do realize that there are some shady things in the past of this country………..another blog).  One example I can think of off the top of my head pertains to Christians.  We are villains for having morals and principles because they do not line up with the views of those who decide to discard them or just never grew up with them.  They decide that we are wrong for not agreeing with them and begin to start movements to force us into alignment!  Oddly, they aren’t accepting the fact that we don’t agree and it’s okay that the billions of people on this planet don’t have the same opinion.  In fact……………..we likely won’t since we are all different people with different life experiences and beliefs.

I have to confess that I haven’t been closely following the preliminary process for weeding out the idiots and picking presidential candidates.  It’s all become clownish buffoonery in my personal opinion.  The dog and pony show they do, the money they raise (that comes from the 1%ers and businesses that could go into things like education, poverty, infrastructure,  etc…….), the things they say to win the Latino, Black and Gay votes…………….it’s all ridiculous.  The news cycles highlight the shenanigans and there are many people who are in support of the biggest show pony I’ve seen in so long (running neck and neck with Sarah Palin)……………..Donald Trump.  Like he is seriously a front runner.  He is winning in states and people are dropping out of the race because of him.  In this country.  In the United States of America.  In 2016…………..I keep hearing people say they trust the American people but I'm becoming a tad bit skeptical of that right now.  There is no way that sensible people in this country truly believe this man should actually be President!

I feel that people like about him are things like his antics and his inability to filter.  They probably feel like he’s honest and saying the things that people are afraid to say.  But what he is is a very wealthy white man who feels completely entitled and has no concern or care for anyone around him that doesn’t affect his life in a positive way or continue to grow his business ventures.  The people who are supporting him support him why?  He is disrespectful to women, he’s disrespectful to immigrants, he pretends to like blacks, agrees with police brutality AND he could never have an intelligent conversation with anyone overseas.  So my question is who on earth are they poling?!?!?  Who are they asking who they support?  What neighborhoods are they in?  We need to pay close attention to those neighborhood.

I haven't heard him come up with one sensible plan.  Not one single thing that he would do for tax paying middle class citizens who are politely being squeezed out of the middle class.  What is he planning on doing for education or infrastructure or job creation?  What will he do about the growing terrorist threats WITHIN the country?  Gun reform?  What will he do about the crazy outsourcing we have going on in this country?  What will he truly do about immigration reform......and not the foolish rants he does on tv.  What will he do about police brutality in this country?  What will he do?  Has anyone heard, seen or even come close to a real true documented plan of that?  I'd love someone to forward that information to me.  Because until then, what are we even entertaining him for?

I’m always a big proponent of voting.  I’m always telling people to get out there and do it.  Never forfeit the right you were provided.  I know that there are many instances that can discourage you or make you feel that your vote doesn’t count, but the government pulls all stops to stifle voting because even they are aware of how significant it would be if ever person that is eligible actually exercised! We've seen a bunch of examples throughout the years of what "NOT" voting does for us and I don't want to see what something like Donald Trump being President would do to this country in general.....................I will politely be moving to Canada.  (I hear they have better healthcare anyway!)

Until Next Time Lovies!

Miss B

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