Trump: What's The Fallout

I was riding in this morning listening to Sirius XM Progressive (127) because in my loaner car they don’t have Urban View (126).  I wish I knew the answer to why that was……..but either way, Stephanie Miller was a good second choice.  Her and her staff had me cracking up because they were going in on this president elect.  They kind of sound a bit like me and others I know when it comes to never accepting or admitting that they live in a country where Donald Trump is the president.  He’ll never be my president.  I’ll never accept that.  And as much as I want to attribute it to those who treat my current nation’s leader so badly, it’s really because he doesn’t deserve the title. He doesn’t represent anything I believe in so I can never do it.  The show also made it clear that he will always be patronized and made fun of by those who think his election is as utterly ridiculous as I do.  So it made me pose the question:  What is the true fallout of a Trump presidency? 

The answer to that question remains to be seen but the reality is, we are already seeing so much of the residual lash out of those who supported him and those who didn’t.  The world seems to be more upside down than it was just 17 months ago when all this first began.  We all didn’t think it was likely that he would win.  It was a ludicrous thought.  Not a reality tv show star with a million businesses and corrupt dealings all over the globe………….it’s not possible that the American people would be crazy enough to elect a guy with ZERO experience in the issues that we face as a country.  Even President Obama, the man that has been mistreated on a level beyond comprehension, said he had faith in the country to choose someone else.  How wrong we all were.

As he chooses his cabinet members it becomes even more apparent that this guy wasn’t the right guy for the job.  Inexperienced, racists, once sided, close minded.  Just a few words to describe some of the people he has offered positions too.  Giuliani for Secretary of State?  The same man who got on national television and said to the world that Blacks are not being policed inappropriately and there is justification for the senseless murders that have happened all over the country for years?  The same man who started the “Stop and Frisk” movement?  The same one who labels Black Lives Matters has a terrorist group but won’t denounce the foolishness of white hate groups?

Another troubling pick………..Ben Carson as Housing and Urban Development Secretary.  This guy is a surgeon.  Absolutely ZERO experience in this area but takes a job he has no idea how to handle or how to even begin to do.  Speaks to his character though.  This same guy ran against Trump for President (a job he was not qualified for either) and spoke ill of him.  So many inexperienced people being put in positions to help a country that they do not understand or relate to and that’s scary to me.  If we weren’t in turmoil before Lord knows turmoil is on the horizons for us now.  It speaks to the times though.  We are willing to support a person with no political experience to run a country.  There are no guidelines now for the presidency or those that he chooses to surround himself with...................turmoil on the horizon for sure.

Though my intention here wasn’t to give a complete run down of his cabinet picks, I do want to mention just one more.  Betsy DeVoe!  She has been chosen as Secretary of Education.  She too has Zero experience in this field and has never allowed any of her children to attend public school.  She is an advocate for private education and that’s troubling because most people in this country can’t afford private school tuition like she can.  America stood out from the rest because of our public education system.  That’s behind us now as we are no longer competing with other countries as a top contender in the free education that we provide.  How weird is that when it’s illegal not to have your children enrolled in school when it’s time for them to go……………………though they are not all being offered the same education and likely far behind if living in a poverty stricken or urban area.  Hmmmph………..didn’t think this through Mr. Trump now did you?

Above all else, the election of this man has allowed the most hateful of them all to express their disdain for those who are not like them.  It has infiltrated every aspect of our lives from our schools to our shopping experiences.  People feel so free to be disrespectful and hurtful to those around them because the country elected a man who ran on separation, bigotry, racism and hate……………amongst so many other things.  In 2016 the amount of hate crimes being committed is outrageous to me and honestly a bit surprising even if it shouldn’t be.  The truth is, within the fabric of everything created here, racism is embedded.  This country was built on oppressing and discriminating against those who aren’t considered the supreme race.  But as far as we should have come at this point, these pivotal moments in American history show us that we have yet so far to go.  Things haven’t changed as much as we all had once hoped they had.

I’m not sure what the next four years will hold.  None of us do.  The diversity and non-racist attitude that Trump has tried to take since his election seems much like a joke to me.  He took a very hard approach to his presidential race that really allowed us to see how White Privilege means much more to people than human decency, America’s well-being, women’s rights, equal justice for all, education, infrastructure, the financial state of our country, our relationship with other countries, our military, our veterans………………you name it.  For that I am afraid for our future and the future of our children.  In times like these where we need to pull together so that what is best for us all is accomplished, we seem to be more divided than ever. 

My only advice to everyone who is standing around watching the shenanigans unfold: Get involved in local government, attend meetings, make your voice heard, be an example for your children, stop believing your vote doesn’t count and telling those around you that it doesn’t, believe in political change through the actions you will newly exhibit, VOTE, VOTE and PRAY LIKE IT’S THE LAST DAY YOU’LL EVER BE ABLE TO DO SO!

Until Next Time Lovies!

Miss B

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