We Are Magic And We Are Real

I’m going to preface this by saying that writings like these come from my admiration of Black America.  I strongly love and support my community as a Black Woman because that’s the only thing I know.  I want the best for us just like any other ethnic group would want the best for theirs.  That doesn’t mean I am racist because I’m far from it. What I am is aware of the world I live in and the world my son is growing up in and I would be a fool if I wasn’t.  You are a fool if you aren’t.  What I hope to achieve by the words that I put out into the universe when it comes to race relations is just to make EVERYONE more aware of where we stand.  I want to increase the fire that is lying dormant inside of all my people because we forget The Struggle is still a struggle sometimes.  I live in a nice neighborhood, have a good job, drive a nice car, and have several degrees……….but it doesn’t exempt me from being discriminated against or talked about or overlooked.  Even when my white or other counterparts have achieved less than what I have achieved.  I will always ensure that I speak my mind on these issues and do whatever it is I can do to make others want to get out here and do the same.  Things won’t change if we aren’t moving towards the goals that will facilitate the change.  We have to start there first.

 I got angry today reading the tweets from non-people of color in response to Jesse Williams’ speech.  Saddest thing of all is that they never look beyond the words at what is being said, why it’s being said and what we MUST do because they have to be said in 2016.  How dare they call him a racist because he used his moment to empower those of us who often times feel we have arrived and need reminders of the contrary.  And don’t fool yourself because there are many of you that forget where we really stand in comparison to other races in the world as a whole.  How much money you have, where you live, what you drive, what you can buy yourselves…………..it means nothing in the grand scheme of the freedoms you don’t possess.   Anyway, any time we stand united as a community we are told we are pushing racist views on those who are not racist.  It sounds stupid don’t you think?  Why does Black Unity, Black Pride and Black Cohesiveness scare the world so much?  What are they really afraid of pertaining to us knowing, accepting and acting upon our true greatness as a unit?  It should make you wonder why they are so afraid of us all being AWAKE at the same time………..hmmmmm

 They beat him down on social media for using his fifteen minutes in the way he did.  We want the same things as anyone else and after 152 years you’d think we’d be above schools still being segregated, young men being killed in the streets, families being torn apart, young people locked away for ridiculous amounts of time for petty crimes, people still being hung, beaten, drug by their necks with ropes, given less of an educational system because they live in the hood, given little resources to get out of the hood and so much more.  To think that we live in a world still so unequal but shouldn’t be allowed to say the things to one another that mobilize us to move towards that type of equivalence.  We lack that equality here in this country every day.  In the United States of American we are still niggers.  Why is that so hard for white people to see?

 Why is it okay for someone like Donald Trump to use his platform to say negative, racist, separatist, demeaning things to the world on every single white media outlet provided?  All I see are people perpetuating it because of the support they throw behind him…………because they like his ability to tell the unfiltered truth?  But a Black man can never be afforded the same luxury of using his platform for positive motivation for internal growth and love?  So the same rules are not applicable on both sides of the spectrum if I’m reading my daily news correctly.  So let me ask those naysayers out there…………..Would you think it’s fair to shoot a young boy in a park playing alone posing absolutely no threat to those around him if he were white?  What about the guy walking in the aisle of a Walmart with a bb gun playing around with it with not a soul in the aisle with him?  What about the guy on the corner with his hands in his pockets?  Standing there minding his business.  Is it fair that he is choked to death on camera?  Is it fair that a young woman or man are taken into custody for minor offenses and end up dead in police custody?  Is that okay?  Would you be okay if they were white?  Would “I was afraid for my life.” Be enough of an excuse for you to let them go home to their families with the hundreds of thousands of dollars raised for them by the community who supports the suppression of a race that just had a member of its family murdered?

 It has been proven time and time again that Mr. Williams was correct.  You shoot up a church full of people, you get a sandwich, you kill a young boy in the street, you get a few hundred thousand dollars and fully paid for wedding, you slam a young man on his head in the middle of the street and you walk home scot free, you beat a woman in police custody and it’s justified, you follow a young man home from a store, you get a few hundred thousand dollars from auctioning off the gun you killed him with, you unload a magazine into a young man who is completely across the street from you with a police car in between you and you walk!  If you can never show the value in Black life through your actions, what makes us believe you actually value it?  What makes us believe you care about our equality and the standing we should be on equally next to you?  Help me understand why anyone who is not a part of where we have been and where we are going in a positive way is even speaking?  Where is your opinion even coming from?  You shouldn’t have one.  Period.

 They asked why it was even being broadcasted on multiple channels.  Why shouldn’t the BET awards be broadcasted on multiple channels if our children all listen to the same music?  Aren’t we as a world teaching them to love everyone and respect the message that positively comes from each community? So because he stood up and used his fifteen minutes to say hey, we are here, and together we need to stand.  We are being overlooked, underestimated, undervalued, marginalized, disregarded, sold in pieces because of appropriation, murdered, beat down……………we’ve got to come together for the same rights and freedoms that every other ethnic group in this country gets (starting within our own communities).  We get such little regard and respect……………though we built the country that they take such advantage of.  We need to stand up together so that we aren’t supporting their business but supporting our own.  Care enough about our advancement that we give back to those who are pushing our advancement.  Is he wrong for that?  Is he wrong?  Is President Obama wrong for being Black?  Am I wrong for being Black?  Are you wrong?  Should this article not exist because it pushes internal love and motivation??  Tell me why.

 I am so sick of non-melaninated  people getting behind a computer with their racists views because Black Pride is too hard for them to grasp when White pride is everywhere we look.  Every show demonstrates the sanctity in the family that they pride themselves on, every commercial represents their values, every network continues to promote their agenda, every news channel portrays the supremacy they feel they have…………..their presidential candidate is the prime example of just how far we haven’t come in this country as a whole.  Chew on that.  Chew on your ability to live your life with what you hold true in your face every single day but what we should see, hold dear and value nowhere in sight.  Every picture is a mixed girl or biracial couple.   Where are our kinky haired little girls with Black moms and dads in their homes!?!?!  Our popular shows are popular because of the drama they ensue and not the empowerment of black families, women, men and children.  We always somehow have to compromise ourselves for the sake of getting in the spotlight.  And when we don’t……………the negativity comes.  So tell me white people………………..if that is how you feel about someone voicing their concerns about the struggles still faced in Black America………………..how far have we really come?  Go in a closet alone and ask yourself because most of you are too afraid to say it out loud.  When you face it you must face the truth about yourselves. 

 Let’s not forget we ARE MAGIC and we ARE REAL!  It’s time for people to stop pretending there is no truth to that just because it doesn’t suit their idea of American.