Wrongly Accused

I’m getting straight to my point!  On the way in yesterday Mr. Madison was talking about the story of the little boy in Virginia who was charged for having marijuana in his book bag even though it was determined that it wasn’t marijuana.  It was tested three good times and each time the results came back negative.  But the Sheriff’s office wasn’t content with letting the boy go.  Instead, he was punished under Virginia’s “imitation controlled substance” law, forced to enroll in an alternative program in school for troubled children and instructed to take classes at home.  Now let’s be clear.  This young man was in a gifted and talented program in his school.  This wasn’t a trouble maker on any level.  But of course the school stands behind their zero tolerance policy right?

This is the thing for me about stuff like this…………….they found this little boy and sought him out.  I say that because he has never been in any trouble before and all of a sudden kids are saying he had this thing out in school bragging about it.  Several different variations of him bragging about the leaf were told by a number of students but when questioned the little boy didn’t know what they were talking about before they searched him nor did he know it was in his book bag.  This just confused me even more.

This story brought me to tears because now this young man is suffering with depression.  When he was in school he was focused and on the right track and somehow all of that has been changed because there was a leaf of some sort in his bag.  I thought of my son who is the exact same age as this little boy and my heart was broken.  Because even in situations where they don’t put themselves in precarious situations, they can still have the trajectory of their lives changed by one incident.  Being that I don’t know exactly what happened or how, all I can do is react to it based on the information released by the press.  I do however think it is completely unfair and I can’t help but think that him being a young African American male plays a role in how things played out.

This prompted me to have a conversation with my own child last night.  These last few months have made parents in “Conscious” Black homes have uncomfortable and sad conversations with our children.  Don’t be a follower, don’t do anything suspicious, don’t hang around the wrong crowd, watch your possessions, don’t resist or ask questions, don’t make sudden movements……………everything short of the one thing they can’t help but doing and that is being black.  It is saddening to me.  This young man’s parents have no choice now but to sue the school system because what school will look in to his case when it’s his turn to be considered for opportunities and programs that will prepare him for college?  They won’t care if he was wronged or if it wasn’t him.  They have to secure his future now and it’s unfortunate because it takes away from even those parents who do not support what happened.  Their tax dollars, their children, their school system. ………………… I put the link to the story below for you to read on your own.


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